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Workshop: Lower back problems and Iyengar Yoga

with Willy Bok

Sunday 22nd of January 2023

Willy Bok, senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, is happy to present you the approach of Iyengar Yoga when facing lower back problems.


zondag 22 januari
van 10.30-13.00 uur en
van 14.30-17.00 uur


€90,- voor de dag


YOC Zuid > Hall
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Willy is a physiotherapist by training and has been assisting for many years the Iyengar Yoga Remedial Classes at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India and in Paris with Corine Biria.  

"I wish to set out the key principles in Iyengar Yoga to remedy lower back pain and problems, not to treat or cure since we are not physicians"

We will improve our observation skills -our ‘eyes’-, will deepen our knowledge of basic principles; we will not apply ready-made recipes; we will develop our ability to adjust, and adapt our practice and our students practice in relation with lower back issues.

Prerequisite to join this workshop is minimum 1 year of Iyengar Yoga practice. Teachers and teachers in training are most welcome.